Who was Queen Nefertiti and has her tomb been found?

EGYPTIAN Queen Nefertiti’s life nonetheless stays crammed with many questions and theories.

The spouse of pharaoh Amenhotep IV was notable for her chic magnificence.


A bust of how probably Queen Nefertiti may have seemed like.Credit score: Getty

Who was Queen Nefertiti?

Queen Nefertiti was the spouse of pharaoh Amenhotep IV and lived within the 14th Century BC.

She is thought to be probably the most mysterious figures, resulting from details about her life, views, and appears being virtually non-existent.

The small print about how she married the pharaoh and precisely when are very a lot additionally a thriller.

However many historians consider that they could have met earlier than the coronation of Amenhotep IV.

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Egyptian royalty additionally used to marry at a fairly younger age.

On the time of their marriage, Amenhotep IV may have been within the age vary of 16 to 18 and Nefertiti was between 12 and 16.

Shortly after their marriage, that they had their first daughter, Meriten.

In whole, the Egyptian royal household had 6 daughters, one in every of which died aged 10.

Their third daughter, Ankhesenpaaten, was probably born in Thebes.

She later married what’s believed to be her half-brother or cousin, Tutankhamun.

How did Queen Nefertiti die?

The trigger and time of Queen Nefertiti‘s loss of life are but unknown.

There’s a principle that she dedicated suicide resulting from grief over one in every of her deceased daughters.

Many students consider that Nefertiti was both banned from the Egyptian royal household or died after the twelfth 12 months of Akhenaten’s reign.

After that interval, her title now not appeared in later texts, inflicting this perception.

This proved to be incorrect, as, in 2012, an engraving carved in a rock face was present in an historic quarry in Egypt.

It mentions the title of the Queen and her place as a Nice Royal Spouse.

As this dates to the sixteenth 12 months of Akhenaten’s reign, it’s believed that Nefertiti outlived her husband, who died within the seventeenth 12 months of his reign.

Has Queen Nefertiti’s tomb in Egypt been discovered?

Though she was probably the most well-known ladies in Egypt, her tomb was never found.

That is additionally the rationale for questions on her loss of life.

Neither the Queen’s tomb nor the one in every of her husband Akhenaten had been ever discovered.

In September 2022, It was reported that Egyptologist and archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, knows where her body was buried.

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As he plans to prepare an exhibition, on the subject of “Girls of Egypt” he claims that she is aware of Nefertiti’s precise location.

His analysis has to date not come to success find the tomb of Queen Nefertiti.

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