Should Biden Run Again? Ask James K. Polk.

It was an audacious checklist. Having pledged to grant statehood to Mexico, Polk now signaled his intent to take California away from Mexico, as effectively. He would decrease the tariff, which the earlier administration had raised in an effort to advertise American manufacturing. And he would settle as soon as and for all the talk over whether or not the U.S. Treasury ought to deposit funds in non-public and public state banks, or (as most Democrats most popular) maintain the funds itself.

First, the administration undertook sophisticated negotiations over the Oregon territory. There had lengthy been an expectation that the U.S. and Britain would carve the territory up, primarily based on every nation’s prior claims and exploration. Britain proposed the Columbia River as a border; the U.S. supplied the forty ninth parallel however signaled that, if compelled to go to struggle, it will intention to attract the road at 54 levels 40 minutes, which might grant it a bigger declare.

Polk walked a fantastic line: He rattled his saber to recommend a willingness to go to struggle with Britain, however together with his eye set firmly on California and Texas — and the seemingly battle that will invite with Mexico — he couldn’t entertain a two-front battle. On the similar time, he couldn’t alienate the Northern public by showing to concede land in Oregon whereas combating for it in Texas. The U.S. and Britain in the end signed a treaty drawing the border on the forty ninth parallel, a victory for Polk.

Not lengthy after the ink was dry on the Oregon treaty, Polk despatched the Military to Texas, to implement a congressional decision admitting the republic into the USA. Polk, who campaigned on Texas statehood and privately aimed to annex California, would quickly accomplish way over that. The U.S. gained the following struggle with Mexico in a rout, bringing the nation into possession of lands that later shaped all or a part of modern-day Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming.

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